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Wedding Sparklers



Liven up your wedding with an astonishing fireworks display! Fireworks are a good way to differentiate your wedding from others, plus you and your guests will enjoy this fairy-tale like ending to your big day. Aerial Fireworks are a wedding favorite and also make for beautiful photos.

Instead of the traditional exit of throwing rice or blowing bubbles, why not add more excitement to your wedding? Make your wedding day sparkle with Sparklers.

Sparklers in your wedding photos will be absolutely amazing, plus you, and your guests will have fun in the process. Each guest can hold a sparkler and form a passageway filled with sparkling lights for the Bride and Groom to pass through. Large sparklers can be placed in the ground to make a sparkling background for a beautiful photo opportunity.

Sparklers can be a fun addition to your wedding cake, of course keeping safety in mind! Candles are fun, but sparklers make a statement. Add sparklers to your wedding cake for more great photographs.

Helpful Tips:

Always have close adult supervision and never give fireworks to small children.

Always use common sense.

As bamboo sparklers burn the bamboo splint tends to char and therefore falls off in short pieces. The small charred pieces can remain hot for a little while. Metal variety sparklers are recommended over bamboo sparklers. The metal will remain hot for a little while also, but will not fall into small pieces on the ground.

Never touch the burned part of the sparkler after it goes out, you will get burned. When guests are done with their sparklers have a bucket of water or sand available, to safely dispose of the wires. Once the wires are cooled down they can be placed in the trash.

Sparklers can be difficult to light. Butane lighters, or barbecue lighters are good for lighting sparklers. Once you have lit one sparkler, use that sparkler to light another, it will light much faster that way. It is dangerous to light a bunch of sparklers at one time.

It's a good idea to test your sparklers out before your big day, just so you know what to expect.


Party Poppers are also a great idea for weddings.